law relating to co-operative societies

Key features of the Networked Law include:

  • our firms are leaders in their local markets, with strong regional and international connections;
  • because of their local leadership positions, our firms are often more in tune with critical local legal, political and cultural issues as compared to the typical local offices  of larger “global” firms;
  • we source our member firms via personal introductions from existing members and other trusted contacts, ensuring a high level of quality and connectivity within the Network;
  • feedback from clients confirms that our firms consistently provide a more effective, responsive, value-added and personal service than larger “global” firms;
  • we have extensive experience providing multi-country service to international and multinational companies;
  • our preferred model is to operate with a single member serving as principal contact and project coordinator to ensure optimal efficiency and service – but . . . clients always have direct access to the local country firms when desired; and
  • our firms are experienced in working with alternative and flexible fee structures, consistent with the demands of a global market for legal services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like further information.